Clooney: ‘I’m The Hilary Clinton Of The Oscars’

GEORGE CLOONEY has compared his battle for the Best Actor Oscar at the forthcoming Academy Awards to the U.S. presidential race between HILARY CLINTON and BARACK OBAMA.

Clooney is convinced he would be a sure winner if fellow actor Daniel Day-Lewis wasn’t in the running for the prize.

And he likened their situation to that of Democrat candidates Clinton and Obama – insisting the former first lady would be on a definite course to win the 2008 election if her opponent wasn’t Obama.

He tells U.S. magazine Time, “For me, it’s like being Hilary Clinton. If it weren’t for Barack Obama, it would have been a very good year. I thought Daniel Day-Lewis had the best performance of the year.”

Clooney is nominated for the coveted prize at Sunday’s (24Feb08) awards for his role in Michael Clayton, while Day-Lewis has been tipped to take the prize after his acclaimed performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood.



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