Winehouse Trashes $600-A-Night Hotel Room

AMY WINEHOUSE has angered bosses at the London hotel where she is currently staying after causing $6,000 (#3,000)-worth of damage to the luxury executive suite.

The Back To Black hitmaker has been residing at the posh Riverbank Plaza Hotel since leaving rehab earlier this month (Feb08), but the singer is alleged to have wreaked havoc on her $600 (#300)-a-night room during her two-week stay, refusing to allow cleaners in to clear up the mess.

Members of the hotel’s management team finally gained access to the suite on Wednesday (20Feb08) night while Winehouse was at the Brit Awards – and they were shocked to find the floor littered with empty bottles of champagne; cigarette butts and ash scattered all over the carpet, and drinks spilled on the wooden flooring in the hallway.

The bathroom was also a mess, with the bathtub stained with black hair dye.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, “It was covered in booze and fag butts, absolutely disgusting. …Most of the room had been used as an ashtray… the place smelt incredibly stale.

“The bath had to be scrubbed and unblocked from balls of matted hair. It took three maids two hours to get it in a habitable order.”



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