Page Wants To Be A Free Shrink

Oscar nominee ELLEN PAGE isn’t content with a critically-acclaimed acting career – she also wants to become a psychologist and help people for free.

The actress celebrates her 21st birthday on Thursday (21Feb08), three days before she finds out if she’s picked up the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Juno.

But Page isn’t resting on her laurels and insists she has other ambitions outside Hollywood.

She tells actress pal Drew Barrymore in Interview magazine, “I’d like to study psychology or be a counselor for young people, or maybe work with Doctor’s Without Borders.

“I don’t know whether they have anything like Psychologists Without Borders, but I think I would like to do something like that. A lot of people who need to talk can’t afford $150 an hour to sit on the couch.”



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  1. beesknees wrote: Love her. In the meantime, maybe she could take over Dr. Phil’s show. I doubt it’d matter if she has a psych. degree. Haha…