Hilton Dating Richie’s Brother-In-Law To Be?

PARIS HILTON has her sights set on becoming best pal NICOLE RICHIE’s sister-in-law after hooking up with the twin brother of the new mum’s partner.

The socialite is reportedly dating Joel Madden’s brother Benji, who recently ended his engagement with Australian star Sophie Monk.

America’s Life and Style magazine reports Madden and Hilton were inseparable when they met up at a party at Los Angeles nightclub Villa on Thursday night (21Feb08).

A source tells the publication, “When she saw Benji, she only had eyes for him. She walked over and gave him a huge kiss. It was over the top and lots of tongue was involved.

“They hibernated in a corner booth… The entire time, she stroked his arm and rubbed his leg as she whispered in his ear.”



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