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Fox: ‘I Wanted To Be  A Banker’

Fox: ‘I Wanted To Be A Banker’


LOST star MATTHEW FOX aspired to be a top Wall Street, New York banker in his
younger years – but decided against it after finance bosses launched a scathing
attack on his dress sense.

The actor studied economics at Columbia University, New York, but decided not
to pursue a career in finance after a rich banker laughed at his cheap outfit
in an early interview.

The 41-year-old says, “I went to this interview and I’d had economics all
going on in my head – which, to be honest, was largely to do with seeing Oliver
Stone’s Wall Street.

“I borrowed a suit that was two inches too short… borrowed some penny
loafers also. I was so broke. There’s four or five guys all in their mid to
late 20s there.

“Then one guy looked around to the others and, I’ll never forget this, said,
‘Yeah, but we’re gonna have to do something about those shoes. Ha, ha, ha!.’ I
looked down and they were all wearing exactly the same pair of Oxford business
shoes, and I had my penny loafers with my borrowed pants that were too high.

“It was that moment I realised, ‘No way.'”


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