Clooney, Pitt, & Damon’s Organization Gives $500,000 To Darfur

A charity co-founded by GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT, MATT DAMON and DON CHEADLE has donated $500,000 (#250,000) to the United Nations World Food Program.

The money, handed over by the stars’ Not On Our Watch organization, is earmarked for the U.N.’s food aid agency to prevent hunger in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan.

In a statement, Clooney said: “Without immediate additional funding, humanitarian aid in the region will be crippled.”

Not On Our Watch has raised more than $9.3 million (#4.65 million) for Darfur, and last year (07) donated $1 million (#500,000) to the World Food Program.

Clooney has become a leading celebrity advocate for action against the genocide in the Sudan after filming a documentary about the crisis last year (06).



  1. Dinny wrote: Really great news. UN WFP (World Food Programme) are paying 55% more for their basic food than they were paying in early 2007 due to market increases in basic food and oil. WFP are feeding 3m people in Darfur daily.

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