Spears Spoiled Grey Anatomy’s Star Hospital Stay

GREY’S ANATOMY star JUSTIN CHAMBERS blames BRITNEY SPEARS for shining the media spotlight on his private battle with exhaustion.

The actor checked himself into UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for a break just days before Spears was admitted into the same hospital in a media frenzy.

And Chambers insists only his family and close friends would have known about his health issues if the hospital hadn’t become a hotspot for reporters and the paparazzi.

The 37-year-old tells the new issue of Life & Style magazine, “I only got attention because Britney came. Otherwise, it would’ve been private.”

Even Chambers’ Grey’s Anatomy castmates didn’t know about the actor’s hospital stay – until the media alerted them.



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  1. azuline wrote: I don’t think he’s “blaming” Britney. I’m sure that was one comment out of a much longer interview and thus taken out of context to make headlines.