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Hilton Builds Her Own Club In The Basement

Hilton Builds Her Own Club In The Basement


PARIS HILTON is building a private nightclub in the basement of her new Hollywood Hills home.

The socialite is currently renovating the sprawling five-bedroom mansion she recently purchased for $6 million (#3 million), and the revamp includes her very own discotheque.

The club will have its own entrance and will hold 200 people, according to U.S. magazine In Touch.

A pal tells the publication Hilton wants her club to “look like a Parisian speakeasy, with lots of gold fixtures and black furniture.”

Hilton is also planning to turn another space in the mansion into a recording studio, where she’ll record her second album.




  1. pierreplover wrote: yea…not surprised at all. But, like she needs a club inside her house. I bet Lohan will sleep over often.

  2. Kristen wrote: like Joanne said, I’m not surprised either.
    Hey, this way she wont be photographed all partied up *shrugs*

  3. skalobster11 wrote: yeah…have huge parties in your house…so that tons of people have access to your belongings…good idea


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