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Sex And The City Experience

Sex And The City Experience


A New York travel company is handing SEX AND THE CITY fans the chance to live like the stars of the show for five days, at a cost of $24,000 (#12,000).

Devotees with deep pockets will be flown into Manhattan, whisked around the city on shopping sprees and taken to the nightclubs that inspired the show.

The deal coincides with the forthcoming Sex And The City movie, and participants will be given tickets to the premiere.

Joanne Konstantinakos, the founder of the Destination On Location travel company, is convinced fans will clamor to live like their idols, even though the TV show ended four years ago.

She tells the New York Daily News, “It’s a real fantasy for women. They still talk about this show all around the world.”


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  1. OCallyFaN80 wrote: OHMYGAWD! I would love that, and coming from a fan of the show! If I had $24,000.. Although it’s pretty crazy, but what Sex and the City is known for, I guess I understand..

  2. skalobster11 wrote: yeah I really didn’t like the show all that much…especially wouldn’t spend that kind of money on something like that!


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