Madonna: ‘Britney Is Suffering Life Africa’

Pop superstar MADONNA has compared BRITNEY SPEARS’ plight to the suffering people of Africa, calling the press coverage of her problems a “terrible infliction of cruelty”.

The Holiday hitmaker – who famously kissed Spears during a performance at the
2003 MTV Video Music Awards – wants the paparazzi to stop following the 26-year-old, because it’s distressing to see her life documented in such detail.

And the 49-year-old spots similarities between Spears and downtrodden Africans.

She tells, “It’s very painful (seeing pictures of Spears). When you think about the way people treat each other in Africa, about witchcraft and people inflicting cruelty and pain on each other, then come back here and, you know, people taking pictures of people when they’re in their homes, being taken to hospitals, or suffering, and selling them, getting energy from them, that’s a terrible infliction of cruelty.

“So who’s worse off? You know what I mean?”

Earlier this year (08), Spears lost the right to visit her sons Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one, after a breakdown at her Beverly Hills home. She has also spent time in a rehabilitation centre and has been plagued by driving offenses.


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  1. Kristen wrote: I dont think its THAT bad, thats rediculous to compare it to the people in Africa! The people in Africa have no food, and have no homes, and are dying from dirty water.. I’m pretty sure Britney have clean water… and a comfortable house.

  2. azuline wrote: Is she serious? Britney lives an extremely comfortable life. A lot of Britney’s problems are basically self-inflicted from her crazy actions and/or surrounding herself with people who make bad judgments for her. Until she’s living in Africa then there is no way you can say her life is that hard. Wow.

  3. xtremequeen wrote: One of the most ridiculous comments ever! The situation Britney’s in is in NO way even remotely similar.Brit lives an extremley comfortable life, the people suffering in Africa live in hell more often then not.

  4. tlh33 wrote: The people in Africa are far worse off than Britney. She lives a celebrity lifestyle, so to compare her to starving and suffering people is ridiculous.

  5. pierreplover wrote: Wow, Madonna is an idiot for saying that. Britney is suffering, but the difference is that she can get help. The people in Africa cannot get help like Britney can, and their suffering is far worse than hers.

  6. Erica C. wrote: that is such a ridiculous comment! Madonna should know better ha

  7. OCallyFaN80 wrote: Wow. That comment was pretty harsh. As much as I admire Madonna, kind of weird since there was a bond between Madonna and Britney before and all. But the comparison is pretty outrageous.

  8. samanthapayntr wrote: i hate Madonna SO much, this just makes me loather her (barf)