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Potter Fan Weeps In Court

Potter Fan Weeps In Court


HARRY POTTER superfan STEVEN VANDER ARK wept in court on the second day
of his legal battle with author J.K. ROWLING, over his plans to publish an
encyclopedia about the fantasy series.

The British writer sued Michigan, Detroit-based RDR Books for copyright
infringement in 2007, in a bid to prevent the publication of Vander Ark’s Harry
Potter Lexicon, based on a fan website he created, inspired by her novels.

Rowling has so far managed to stall the publication of the 400-page text,
which was initially intended for release last November (07).

On Monday (14Apr08), Rowling told the New York court how the fan’s book
“constitutes wholesale theft” of 17 years of her work – adding that her books
were like “children” to her.

But, appearing in a U.S. District Court in New York on Tuesday (15Apr08),
Vander Ark insisted he was just a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise, and
had read every Harry Potter book “30 or 40 times” and every article ever
written about Rowling.

Calling Rowling “a genius”, the 50-year-old librarian broke down and claimed
his clash with the author had left him an outcast among Harry Potter fans.

He told the court, “It’s been… it’s been difficult because there’s been a
lot of criticism, obviously, but… that was never the intention.

“This has been an important part of my life for the last nine years or so.”

Vander Ark also claims he was initially reluctant to go ahead with the
lexicon, but was convinced by RDR that it was legal.

However, a statement from Rowling and Warner Brothers – who own the rights to
the Potter works – reads, “A fan’s affectionate enthusiasm should not obscure
acts of plagiarism.

“The publishers knew what they were doing.”

The case continues.


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  1. Danizinha wrote: Yeah he should just drop it.

    I wouldn’t think it was a problem if he had all that work for his own entertainment, but publishing and selling it is a bit too much buddy.

  2. samanthapayntr wrote: he shouldn’t be trying to make a profit off of other people’s hard work, he should stick to his website and that’s it


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