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Ledger ‘Urged To Seek Help’ During Batman Filming

Ledger ‘Urged To Seek Help’ During Batman Filming


Late actor HEATH LEDGER was reportedly urged to seek psychiatric help during
the filming of new BATMAN movie THE DARK KNIGHT.

The Brokeback Mountain star played the caped crusader’s nemesis The Joker in
the film, which wrapped at the end of 2007 – just weeks before Ledger was found
dead from a drugs overdose in his New York apartment in January (08).

And the tragic star reportedly became so involved with the character he was
playing, it affected his mood, sleeping patterns and relationships with other
cast members.

Fox News reports that Ledger was warned not to let the movie take over his
life and was pressed to seek counseling.

A source tells the broadcaster, “Heath refused to talk to anyone out of
character. If you tried to communicate with him normally instead of The Joker,
he would just ignore you.

“He would often come to the set to hang out even on his days off, freaking
everyone out. Towards the end of filming, he was warned by people that he had
gone too far, but it was almost like he couldn’t connect with those who cared
for him anymore.”


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  1. *Twinkle* wrote: Wow.. talk about method acting.

    That’s so sad though. I wonder what would’ve happened if he’d gotten the help then.

  2. Kristen wrote: 🙁 Thats sad. I still can’t comprehend that hes actually gone. It still hasn’;t hit me and I don’t think it will…

    The thing is, he did get help, thats where he got all those medications that killed him.. I wonder what would have happened if he DIDNT get help…


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