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Westwick Devastated By Mentor’s Death

Westwick Devastated By Mentor’s Death


GOSSIP GIRL star ED WESTWICK was devastated by the sudden death of his mentor, Oscar-winning director ANTHONY MINGHELLA.

Westwick worked alongside Minghella on his first major project – 2007 film Breaking and Entering, alongside Jude Law.

The 20-year-old Brit credits the English Patient director with his own career success – claiming he was an acting and life coach rolled into one.

Westwick says, “My first job ever was Breaking and Entering with Anthony (Minghella), who I owe an incredible amount to. I was shocked and devastated by his death.

“He was someone who gave me not just acting lessons but life lessons through acting. He helped me a lot and basically taught me what I needed to get the next job and what I needed to step forward and keep moving on.”

Minghella died in March (08) at the age of 54, after suffering from a hemorrhage following an operation to remove cancer from his tonsils and neck.


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  1. *Twinkle* wrote: That’s so sad… 🙁 But I’m glad he at least got to work with him. Seems like it helped his career and Minghella’s memory will live on through all of that.


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