Studio Won’t Accept Actors’ Pay Demands

Hollywood studios have sparked fears of an actors strike after insisting they
will not accept pay rises demanded by the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG).

In an official statement released by the Alliance of Motion Picture and
Television Producers (AMPTP), the group insists there are still “significant
gaps” in its own needs and what the SAG want – even after 13 days of talks.

Actors belonging to SAG are threatening walkouts in June (08) if talks
between the union and the AMPTP fail to resolve a dispute over pay and

But the production company announced it “was not willing to accept” requests
to double the payments actors receive from DVD sales and to increase fees paid
for work distributed online.

Retorting to the announcement in a statement to its members, SAG says, “We
are not surprised that the employers dispute the economic hardships actors are
facing. You know better.”

The union has set a 30 June (08) deadline – the day their current contract
expires – for negotiations to be resolved. If the strike goes ahead it could
put hundreds of major film and TV projects under threat.

It follows a 100-day writers strike in Hollywood, which ended in February
(08) after causing an estimated $2.5 billion (#1.25 billion) in economic losses
in the Los Angeles area.



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  1. xtremequeen wrote: I think that the actors (most of them anyway) make enough per episode or film, that asking for more money is ludacris. It’s one thing to ask for what you deserve & another to be greedy.