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Barton Defends Cellulite Pictures

Barton Defends Cellulite Pictures


MISCHA BARTON has hit back after magazines printed photographs showing her with cellulite, insisting she is happy with her body.

The actress was recently snapped on vacation in Australia with the unflattering marks on her bottom and thighs – prompting a war of words with the snapper who caught her out.

But Barton refuses to accept there is anything wrong with her body.

She says, “Every woman has cellulite. I’ve never claimed to have a perfect body.

“I eat healthy, I work out. I feel very comfortable. I come from a European family that’s always very comfortable with their bodies. You are what you are as a woman.

“If I’m in shape and I’m fulfilling my role as an actress, then that’s all that matters to me. There’s been a lot of nasty gossip written about me. If I was to cry over every single thing, I’d be the most depressed person ever.”

But the former O.C. star admits she has let negative press attention get to her in the past: “Trust me, there have been some low points in my life where I got really depressed about it, but in general, I find it’s smarter to not get depressed and not feed into it.”


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  1. Kristen wrote: GOOD! I’m so sick of the magazines putting down these gorgeous actresses over an unflattering picture!

  2. alex.stef wrote: She has a great body and she’s very fit. It doesn’t matter if she has some tiny little cellulite. 😀


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