Hilton Makes Second Return To Letterman

PARIS HILTON jumped at the chance to make a fresh start with U.S. talk-show host DAVID LETTERMAN – because she has so many products to sell.

The socialite was humiliated when the late-night TV presenter grilled her about her prison stint during an infamous interview after she was released last year (07), prompting Hilton’s vow never to return to the show.

But Letterman’s proceeding public apology prompted the heiress to make amends
– first returning as a guest on the show in February (08) to promote a new film, before making yet another reprise on Wednesday evening (08May08).

Letterman introduced Hilton as, “A star of television and film, a recording artist, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur.”

Hilton strut onto the set with a sneer, as Letterman offered further apology for his previous behavior and politely asked the star what she would like to discuss.

Hilton quickly began pitching a line of hair extensions, clothing for her “model” dogs, her own brand of canned Italian champagne and an upcoming reality show, titled Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (Best Friend Forever).

Letterman added, “We went through some bad times when she hated me because I taunted her about being in prison. I made unpleasant remarks about the experience and she didn’t want to talk about it and somehow that’s all I wanted to talk about. And she swore she would never come back. Well by gosh, she’s big enough to put that behind her. She came back a few months ago. I’m delighted this woman is here, and I want to tell you something: when she was angry and vowed never to come back, it probably was my darkest hour.”

And Hilton seems to have put any bad blood harbored against the host behind her, adding, “It’s good to be back. You’re my favorite.”



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