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Diaz: I Get Better With Age

Diaz: I Get Better With Age


CAMERON DIAZ is sure she’ll never need cosmetic surgery, because she is getting
better looking with age.

The actress admits she had a “little work on my nose” after she smashed it
surfing in 2005, but insists that’s the first and last time she will have
surgery to alter her looks.

The 35-year-old tells Cosmopolitan magazine, “I’d never do anything else. I
think beauty comes from the inside.

“I feel I get better with age… I look at pictures of myself when I was 21
and think, ‘Wow, I didn’t look so bad.’ But I take more care of myself now, so
in a way I feel like I look better than I did then…. I feel stronger and more

But Diaz confesses she still suffers outbreaks of acne – something that has
affected her since childhood: “Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and be like,
‘Damn, where did that come from?’ Seriously! I’m 35 years old. When is this
going to stop?!”



  1. Kristen wrote: Woo! I love Cameron. She has gotten better and better 🙂

    She looks AMAZING. She is definitely the celebrity who has the best body!


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