MTV One’s New Series – The Bedroom Diaries

From the makers of award winning show, ‘The Virgin Diaries,’ ‘The Bedroom Diaries’ is another frank and hard hitting program, following the lives of nine young people on a personal journey through the stormy waters of adolescence.

The series follows the troubled teens as they record their own video diaries over a period of six emotional weeks. They speak openly and honestly about their feelings and experiences as they struggle to deal with a range of issues such as sexuality, promiscuity, relationships, religion and gender confusion.

Fourteen year old Katty is partying too hard since the separation of her parents. Her drinking and sexual antics are a huge cause of concern to her mother who tries to keep her on the straight and narrow. And then there’s Davey (21), who’s confused about his sexuality and doesn’t know if he is gay, straight or bisexual. Despite bringing home both boys and girls to his parents’ house, they cling to the hope that he is straight.

This is powerful stuff, and provides a revealing insight into the complexity of teenage angst.

‘The Bedroom Diaries’ airs daily from Monday 4th February – Friday 15th February, 9pm on MTV ONE.


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