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Home TV ‘Lost’ Season 6 DVD Contains Epilogue
‘Lost’ Season 6 DVD Contains Epilogue

‘Lost’ Season 6 DVD Contains Epilogue


Do you want to know what happened in Lost after Jack died? Well the last season of the show will be out on DVD today and one of the special features is an epilogue to the series that shows what happens next.


The epilogue opens in a warehouse in Guam, where Ben tells two hapless Dharma employees that Dharma’s been out of business the whole time.

Ben plays a DVD of an old Hydra Station Orientation Video by Dr. Pierre Chang. And we learn:

1. The island didn’t have just one polar bear. There were several brought to be the subject of electromagnetic studies.

2. Chang warns about polar bear pregnancies, saying that “the electromagnetic levels have harmful effects on early term gestation” — offering one theory as to why women couldn’t give birth on the island.

After his warehouse trip Ben then visits a boy named Keith Johnson at Hurley’s old mental hospital. This turns out to be Walt, who leaves with Ben.

Why was Walt in the hospital in the first place? With any luck, ‘Lost’ will release a DVD of this DVD. Then maybe we’ll finally have some answers.

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