Panettiere Blasts ‘Size-ist’ Hollywood

HEROES actress HAYDEN PANETTIERE has criticized Hollywood for harboring
prejudiced opinions about women – insisting they shouldn’t be forced to slim
down to be a successful star.

The 18-year-old hates the “size zero” culture that has taken over the
entertainment industry, and is convinced there is a huge amount of pressure on
female stars to conform to Hollywood’s ideal body shape.

She says, “Beauty is an opinion, not a fact. The thing that most depresses me
is Hollywood’s obsession with body image. I just don’t get it.

“The size-zero ideal is just ridiculous. The important thing is to feel
comfortable with your own shape and not to look at others and feel inferior.
It’s tragic that girls feel they have to starve themselves to remain skinny.”


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  1. Taminar wrote: I think she’s right. It is healthier not to be overweight, but many actresses are too skinny. Seeing super-skinny actresses and models convince many girls and women to adopt dangerous habits.

    I just wish I was a size eight again.

  2. samanthapayntr wrote: i think the juicier the hotter, like America Ferrera or Salma Hayek, now those are some sexay ladies!

  3. Kristen wrote: God, I love Hayden. I completely agree with her too. It’s rediculous how the whole entertainment industry has been turned into looks and size, it’s like the talent is just an accessory now..

  4. alex.stef wrote: Yes, she’s right, but things aren’t going to change too quickly, unfortunately.

  5. xtremequeen wrote: I wish that everyone thought the same way. unfortunately they don’t & 0 sized women will be the “It” size.

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