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Lost Star Fox Plans Oregon Escape

Lost Star Fox Plans Oregon Escape


LOST star MATTHEW FOX has started making plans for life after the TV hit – he’s bought land in Oregon.

The actor, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard on the desert island drama, admits he’s had enough of paradise on Hawaii, where Lost is shot, and he can’t wait to become an outdoorsman.

He says, “We’re moving to Oregon. I want to be closer to my brothers and their children. We really want our kids to have tight first-cousin relationships.

“I want to enjoy fishing, hiking, skiing, mountains and fresh air.”


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  1. Kristen wrote: Well I heard in some interviews that he loves palces like that. Away and just countryish. No TV or anything like that. He wants his kids to do other things than sit around haha.

  2. *Twinkle* wrote: Oregon.. really? Not that far from me then. But ah well.. if it had been Robert Pattinson I think I’d be more excited. Hehe…


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