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FanBolt’s Mountain Dew Taste Test

FanBolt’s Mountain Dew Taste Test


Earlier this year, Mountain Dew decided to create “The People’s Dew” by inviting consumers to determine the flavor, name, and look of the next drink. Now, consumers are campaigning for the final three candidates – Supernova (Dew with a blast of strawberry melon flavor and ginseng), Voltage (Dew charged with raspberry citrus flavor), and Revolution (Dew infused with wild berry fruit flavor and ginseng). The three flavors will hit shelves for a limited time this summer to give consumers the opportunity to try them out and cast their vote for their favorite. Once the election results are in, the ultimate winner, the People’s Dew, will be officially recognized as an honored member of the Mountain Dew lineup.

Drink Tester #1-
-Voltage- Tastes like blue raspberry bubblegum. (Favorite) (8 / 10)
-Revolution- Tastes like Red Bull meets Baja Blast with a hint of liquorish. (5 / 10)
-Supernova- Tastes like Strawberry Fanta with a hint of grape flavoring. (7 / 10)

Drink Tester #2-
-Voltage- Tastes like berries. Too sweet. Couldn’t drink a full can. (5 / 10)
-Revolution- Tastes like Baja Blast. Less sweet than Voltage (5 / 10)
-Supernova- Tastes grape-like. Reminds me of Monster Assault. (Favorite) (8 / 10)

Drink Tester #3-
-Voltage- Tastes really sweet, like liquid raspberry candy. (6 / 10)
-Revolution- Tastes like fruity fruit punch Mountain Dew. (8 / 10)
-Supernova- Tastes like a Red Bull, but better. (7 / 10)

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  1. xtremequeen wrote: I tried Supernova & nothing in the world would force to drink it ever again or try the other two. It tasted like a Down Home punch minus the Jack.


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