Jonas Plans To Wed Young

THE JONAS BROTHERS star KEVIN JONAS hopes to follow his parents’ example by marrying young.

The pop star’s minister father and mother wed when they were just 21 and 20 respectively – they’ve just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

And 20-year-old Kevin, who recently pledged to stay a virgin until he marries, insists he’s keen to become a young groom.

He tells USA Today newspaper, “What happened to the idea of getting married young? I don’t understand why people are so afraid of getting married.

“I think when you find true love you should go out there and get it.”

Jonas and his two brothers and bandmates, Joe and Nick, have all taken to wearing purity rings as symbols of their commitment to stay celibate until after marriage.



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  1. fati37 wrote: They haven’t recently pledged to stay virgins as u put it. They made their vows before even becoming famous. Anyways i totally agree with kevin.

  2. Kristen wrote: That’s cool. Although its not like the old times… :/ Which sucks, people take so long because they are afraid of divorce and really want to pick the right person. But yeah whatever floats his boat, right!

  3. Melissa wrote: I agree. If youve found true love and your 110% positive then why wait? I hope hes not planning on getting married right now tho….I think i would die haha!

  4. Marie wrote: Theres nothing wrong with him getting married young. If someone loves the person truly it shouldn’t matter at what age you get married.