Sci-fi Fans Campaign To Save TV Show With Sunflower Seeds

Fans of sci-fi TV show THE 4400 have started bombarding studio bosses with sunflower seeds in a bid to save the show.

USA Network executives axed the U.S. show last month (Jan08) and devotees are using the snack favored by series character Dr. Kevin Burkhoff to let the studio heads know how they feel.

They’ve deluged North Dakota firm Giants Sunflower Seeds with orders to be sent to USA Network offices in Los Angeles.

A Giants Sunflower Seeds company spokesman reveals more than 1,700 bags have been ordered since the campaign to save the show began.

He says, “We thought they were loony tunes at first.”

But the company has embraced the idea and staff have started sending TV bosses notes with their sunflower seeds.

The sunflower seeds idea was sparked by a similar campaign aimed at saving another axed TV show, Jericho, last year (07).

Studio bosses agreed to bring the series back after fans sent them 50,000 pounds (22,679 kilograms) of peanuts.



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  1. twinreader wrote: I don’t get the SciFi channel – they start new series all the time and cancel the (not very old) ones. Don’t they know a good show takes time to get an audience? Not that I have seen this show, but Sci Fi did that to a series I liked.