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Hilton Keeps Prison Promises With Donation

Hilton Keeps Prison Promises With Donation


Socialite PARIS HILTON is keeping to her post-prison promises by helping the
less fortunate – she has made an “extremely generous” donation towards the
construction of a children’s hospital in Los Angeles.

The star has put an undisclosed amount of her own money to help with the
building of a new wing of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, according to
hospital officials.

Hilton made a promise to become a better person after spending 23 days in
jail last year following probation violations on alcohol related reckless
driving charges – claiming she wanted “to help raise money for kids and for
breast cancer and multiple sclerosis”.

The money donated by the hotel heiress will go towards a Children’s Center
for Cancer and Blood Diseases and will open in 2010.

The blonde beauty comes from a family of charitable folk – her grandfather
William Barron Hilton was named as America’s top charity donor of the past year
after handing out $1.2 billion (#600 million) to charity via the Conrad N.
Hilton Foundation in 2007.




  1. Kristen wrote: I’m glad, she use to just be this self-centered, skinny, rich bimbo, and I’m glad that she been getting better. She is really trying, and has grown a lot. Thank you Nicole Richie!

  2. xtremequeen wrote: Well it’s nice to see that she can be decent for a change. I doubt that she’ll make it a habit though.


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