Lohan’s Father Undergoes DNA Test

LINDSAY LOHAN’s father MICHAEL has undergone DNA testing with hopes of proving
he is not the father of a secret lovechild.

Michael Lohan has admitted to having an affair with Kristi Kaufmann during a
period in 1995 when he and his now ex-wife Dina had separated.

But the born-again Christian has denied Kaufmann’s allegations the result was
her 13-year-old daughter Ashley, and he has instructed his lawyers to seek the
truth of his former mistress’ claims.

Lohan tells U.S. magazine Star, “I took the DNA test this morning
(30Jun08)… It was important for me to know the truth, so I took the test.”

Lohan expects the results of the paternity tests to reveal his relationship
to the teenage girl within two weeks.

He insists he had no idea that his one-time lover had given birth to a child
after their romance.

Kaufmann hit him with the bombshell news while he was in prison, serving time
for a DUI and other charges in 2005.



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