Jamie Lynn Spears: ‘First Birth Was Surreal’

Giving birth was a “surreal” and “amazing” experience for teenage new mother JAMIE LYNN SPEARS.

In her first interview since becoming a first time mum last month (Jun08), the 17-year-old poses with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge and newborn Maddie Briann for America’s OK! magazine.

She says, “The first time I saw her, it was surreal. You can’t even imagine that moment. She just looked at me, and she really didn’t cry at first. I was scared, and then she started screaming. It is the best feeling in the world.

“The first time she really opened her eyes and I could see her looking at me and staring at me, that was the most amazing moment, ever. She looked at me, and she knew I was her mama. That was my favorite moment in the whole world.”

Spears dismisses rumors she underwent a Caesarian section because of health problems, explaining, “There was no C-section. There were no emergencies. She was perfectly healthy. I had a normal, natural birth.”

She also clears up any confusion surrounding Maddie’s name: “Maddie is a name that Casey thought of, and I really liked it. Briann was because, a week and a half before she was born, one of Casey’s cousins passed. He was in a car accident. His name was Brian. She’s also named after my older brother, Bryan Spears.”

And Spears insists she is taking well to being a new mum, adding: “I love taking care of her. It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I’m happy all the time.”



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