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Cyrus’ Rude Gesture To Paparazzi

Cyrus’ Rude Gesture To Paparazzi


Teen star MILEY CYRUS has been pictured giving a rude hand gesture to a group of paparazzi photographers.

The Hannah Montana singer/actress was enjoying a day out at a Californian funfair on Tuesday (15Jul08) with her youngster sister Noah when she spotted some snappers taking her picture while she was riding a rollercoaster.

Cyrus, 15, responded by pulling an angry face and raising two fingers to the camera. The pictures are the latest blow to Cyrus’ good girl image following a spate of photo scandals including her controversial Vanity Fair magazine shoot which saw her posing semi-naked wrapped in a satin sheet.




  1. xtremequeen wrote: I don’t see Miley’s career with Disney lasting much longer. Flipping a bunch of picture taking leeches off isn’t part of a “good” girl image.


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