Simpson Denies Father Interferes In Her Love Life

Singer JESSICA SIMPSON has furiously denied media speculation her father JOE wields control over her love life, branding the reports “ludicrous”.

The pop star’s father – also Jessica and sister Ashlee’s manager – has long been rumored to be making decisions regarding who his daughters date.

It was even reported in tabloids earlier this year (May08) that American footballer Tony Romo had ended his relationship with Simpson after growing sick of the former minister interfering with their romance.

But 28-year-old Simpson has hit out at the reports, telling magazine Elle:

“That’s ludicrous. He just wants me to be happy. Our whole family gets beaten, but that just brings us closer. So people are really doing themselves a disservice.

“So many people want to bring me down, and I can’t wait to prove them wrong.

If they believe what they read about me, they automatically persecute and torment me.”


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  1. Carol S Drury wrote: daddy cant seem to keep his nose out of his daughters business – ever!!

  2. Dean’s Baby 67 wrote: maybe he wants his little girl because he just jealous that Tony has her and he doesn’t. He’s always talkin’ about her breasts all the time. It’s just sick!