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Mendes’ Advert ‘Too Sexy’ For U.S.

Mendes’ Advert ‘Too Sexy’ For U.S.


Actress EVA MENDES’ saucy perfume advertisement for Calvin Klein has been boycotted by several U.S. TV networks.

Bosses at national broadcasting stations are refusing to air the commercial for the company’s Secret Obsession fragrance, in which the nude star writhes seductively on a bed and caresses her nipples.

The fashion firm’s heads insist they weren’t surprised by the TV network executives’ decisions to reject the campaign – but maintain they will stand by the advert.

Tom Murry, president of Calvin Klein Inc., tells the New York Daily News, “We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession.

“We are anticipating a very successful global launch.”

A censored clip is expected to be shown on U.S. cable networks after the 9pm watershed, while the unedited version will air in full in other countries.



  1. xtremequeen wrote: While the ad may not be suitable for showing at 6pm while the kiddies are watching tv, boycotting it altogether is silly. The US could give lessons on how to be uptight & prudish.


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