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Lively’s Clumsy On-Set Experience

Lively’s Clumsy On-Set Experience


Clumsy BLAKE LIVELY caused all sorts of problems on the set of movie sequel THE
SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2 – by crashing a moped and stepping on a sea

The actress was shooting the film in Santorini, Greece and admits her
slip-ups and injuries became a running joke among the cast and crew.

She recalls, “I crashed a moped on the first day of shooting into (co-star)
America (Ferrera) and into an ancient stone wall.

“I also jumped off a cliff and while I was crawling out (of the sea) – while
I had a gimp knee – I stepped on a sea urchin and got, like, 42 sea urchin
needles lodged in my foot.”

Lively recalls castmate Amber Tamblyn had a strange way of helping her pal
deal with the pain: “Because I was in so much pain and they didn’t have any
pain medication there, she was hitting me in the head while the doctor was
taking them out.

“She was like, ‘That’s what they do to dogs.'”


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  1. Alexa wrote: LOL! Amber, haha she has a funny way of trying to make the pain go away.

    Poor Blake! Everyone has clumsy days though

  2. Kristen wrote: lmfao! That’s probably what would happen to me. The Amber thing is hilarious though.

    “That’s what they do to dogs!” HAHAH!


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