Protest Planned For Holmes’ Broadway Debut

An anti-Scientology group plans to stage a protest when KATIE HOLMES takes to the stage for her Broadway debut next month (Oct08).

The former Dawson’s Creek star is due to begin her run in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons at New York’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on 16 October (08).

But it is feared her opening night will be marred by protests from the Anonymous campaign group – whose members plan on picketing the theater in protest against the controversial religion.

Holmes – who was raised as a Roman Catholic – converted to Scientology after meeting her husband Tom Cruise.

A spokesperson for the group tells that the protest will go ahead,
adding: “We aren’t looking to shut it (All My Sons) down, we don’t have the power to do that, we just want to prove a point.

“We want to draw attention to Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before it’s too late.”

The Anonymous group is known for the faceless masks worn by members, and recently picketed the Scientology Centre in New York.



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  1. Taminar wrote: This country was founded on religious freedom. You don’t have to agree with someone else’s choice, but it is their right to choose. It is wrong of the organization to picket this production just because they don’t agree with the personal choice made by ONE actor in the cast.

  2. ath ([email protected]) wrote: Hello,

    Anonymous noticed your recent article regarding Katie Holmes and our raid that will take place at the opening of All My Sons.

    The following information relates to Will Smith’s and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s new elementary school, which will be peacefully protested, in masks, by Anonymous tomorrow. Pictures and video will be available tomorrow evening. Please feel free to e-mail me personally at [email protected], and we may be able to set up a phone call.

    Organizer Anon


    LOS ANGELES, CA — On September 3rd, at 7:30 AM, the Human Rights and internet subculture group Anonymous will be holding a picket outside of the New Village Academy private school in Calabasas, California specifically against the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s and The Church of Scientology’s Study Tech and Ethics programs the school is implementing. New Village Academy is a private elementary school funded by actor Will Smith. Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, selected the management for the school. Anonymous has held successful protests against Scientology since the beginning of 2008. The purpose of this protest is to raise awareness of the serious educational dangers of using Study Tech and how Scientology uses it as a tool to recruit for their religion.

    This is in line with Anonymous’ global theme for September,”School’s Closed”. This month’s theme is raising awareness of how Scientology exploits children within Scientology itself, and is against Scientology influence in schools for non-Scientologists.

    Since 1970, the Church of Scientology has worked hard to infiltrate public school systems across the United States and around the globe using Applied Scholastics and the “Study Tech” of L. Ron Hubbard. According to the Church itself, Applied Scholastics is a Church program and a “Scientology-related entity.”

    Study Tech is founded on three principles which are the basis for most educational systems. Where Study Tech differs is in the presentation of these principles, which acts as an effective form of social control in the classroom. If one expresses disagreement with the material one is studying in Scientology, that’s taken as evidence of a misunderstood word (M/U). Each M/U must be located and cleared before moving on to other material. So if a student disagrees with the subject matter, they are stonewalled from progression until they convince themselves otherwise.

    If the student expresses dislike for a subject, that is also taken as evidence that he has a misunderstood word. Study Tech provides a convenient blame mechanism. In Scientology and with Study Tech, if a concept is not understood, it is always the fault of the student and never the fault of the teacher or source material.

    Study Tech reinforces Hubbard’s demand that his ideas not be re-interpreted, or even debated. He explicitly puts the emphasis on rote learning (or “duplication” in Scientology) rather than critical interpretation: “A misunderstood word keeps a person from duplicating what the written materials actually say” (Hubbard, “Method 9 Word Clearing The Right Way,” HCO Bulletin of 30 January 1973 revised 19 December 1979).

    Children involved in the full on Scientology programs are treated exactly like adults. They are put to work at a very young age, being forced to work on “staff” instead of getting a much needed education. Their childhood years are taken from them, being forced to work and live in an adult world. An Australian television program called “Today Tonight” aired a segment on Scientology’s treatment of children that explained this further.

    The website Ex-Scientology Kids ( is full of stories from young men and women who were part of the church of Scientology and the Sea Org. Many stories cite situations of long hours as a child, verbal and emotional abuse, and even sexual abuse. Jenna Miscavige Hill – the Neice of Scientology leader David Miscavige – spoke in an interview to Nightline on ABC about her life growing up in Scientology.Her story explained the mistreatment, intimidation, and abuse she suffered in the Sea Org during her younger years.

    Scientology is a religious movement founded in the mid-20th century by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology has an emphasis on man’s immortal spirit, reincarnation, and an extrascientific method of psychotherapy called “Dianetics”.

    Project Chanology is an ongoing protest against the practices of the Church of Scientology by members of Anonymous. For more information, see | or, Scientology Activism and Organization |

    For information on Setpember’s campaign, visit School’ an Anonymous guide to Scientology’s invasion of our schools and, Scientology v. Education

    To see how Scientology mistreats and exploits children please see, a website set up to support young men and women who have left Scientology.

  3. xtremequeen wrote: If you don’t agree with her or anyone else’s religion, than don’t watch her play or movies. Everyone is intitled to their religion or lack their of.