X-Files Creator In Hospital

THE X-FILES creator CHRIS CARTER has been hospitalized with “physical exhaustion”.

Just a week after X-Files star David Duchovny checked into rehab to seek sex addiction counseling, Carter has been diagnosed with an acute sleeping disorder and admitted to hospital.

A source tells EW.com Carter’s problems stem from “working on multiple films back to back over a two year period”.


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  1. Taminar wrote: I don’t buy the “working on back to back films” line. He produced more material during the run of “X-Files” than he has in the past four years. Unless, maybe he was letting others do all the work and he was just taking the credit. I don’t know. What I do know, is that imdb.com credits him for the new “X Files” feature and one other film, “Fencewalker” since 2004. I suppose these are “back to back” but that’s two films. Most of us probably do a lot more labor for less money and with less support than Carter has. Maybe he’s sick or something and they’re just trying to hide that.

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