Colbert To Live Forever In Space

American comedian STEPHEN COLBERT is making a bid for immortality – his DNA has been digitized and will be sent to the International Space Station.

Video game designer Richard Garriott, who is one of few private citizens to travel into space, will visit the station next month (Oct08) – and is taking material with him to create a time capsule of human DNA.

And Colbert is delighted that he has been chosen to contribute to the mission. In a statement, the funnyman references his love for 1968 sci-fi epic
2001: A Space Odyssey, and his dream to have his identity live on in space.

He says, “I am thrilled to have my DNA shot into space, as this brings me one step closer to my lifelong dream of being the baby at the end of 2001.”

And Garriott adds, “In the unlikely event that Earth and humanity are destroyed, mankind can be resurrected with Stephen Colbert’s DNA. Is there a better person for us to turn to for this high-level responsibility?”



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