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Franco Prompts Frenzy At University

Franco Prompts Frenzy At University


Studious actor JAMES FRANCO has caused uproar among his classmates at Columbia University – after a group of squealing female fans interrupted a study session to “harass” the star.

The 30-year-old is currently enrolled at the prestigious New York school, where he is taking a master’s writing program.

Franco was reportedly studying at a university cafe when a crowd of “ridiculous, squealing freshman girl(s) gathered,” prompting editor at the institution’s Columbia Spectator to issue a warning to their classmates.

One student writes in the newspaper: “(They) were shameless enough to literally go right up to him… warning: Do a bit of subtle ogling, but don’t stand around the entrance like a pack of starving vultures.”




  1. Kristen wrote: That stinks… Columbia especially you definitely want to have time to study. Almost 40,000 a year lmao.

  2. *Andrea* wrote: Oh that must have been embarassing, trying to study while a bunch of girls try to get your autograph.lol


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