Lynne Spears: I’m Not A Pushy Mother

BRITNEY SPEARS’ mother LYNNE has blasted her image as a “pushy stage mother”
and insisted she never wanted her daughter to be a superstar.

Spears senior has been accused of driving Britney’s career – starting with her big break on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club.

But Lynne insists the 26-year-old pushed herself from a young age.

She writes in her forthcoming book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, “Britney was always highly motivated to excel.
I’m always startled when I hear folks think I’m a pushy stage mother.

“I simply did not have the huge ambitions for her that I have been accused of having.”



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  1. Taminar wrote: I know a lot of talented young kids who push themselves, so maybe mom’s telling the truth, maybe not. Only people who’ve seen mother and daughter together in private will know for sure.

  2. Alexa wrote: She could be telling the truth, she could be lying. Britney seems like she’d be the type to push herself at a young age, but then again parents tend to do that to their kids at a young age as well