Doherty Escaped Stealing And Crashing 90210 Car

SHANNEN DOHERTY once stole a car from the set of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, crashed it, and let a castmate take the blame.

The actress begged Ian Ziering to let her test drive the Corvette his character, Steve Sanders, drove in the 90s show – and when he said yes, she smashed it up.

Doherty, who has made a cameo appearance in new spin-off show 90210 reveals,”I wanted to drive the Corvette so badly. We took it and I went too fast and hit this bump and it bottomed out.

“Ian was so sweet he took the blame for it.”



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  1. Taminar wrote: She was thinking that she was a star on TV’s hottest show and she could do anything she wanted. I think she learned her lesson, it just took a little while.