Spears’ Mother Had ‘No Choice’ In Career Moves

BRITNEY SPEARS’ mother LYNNE has once again defended herself against allegations she pushed her troubled daughter into the spotlight, insisting she was too naive to make career decisions for the star.

In her forthcoming book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family, Lynne recalls the Toxic hitmaker’s provocative photoshoot for Rolling Stone.

A scantily-clad Spears posed on the music magazine’s cover in April 1999, raising eyebrows as the media launched into a frenzy questioning its appropriateness for a 17-year-old rising star.

Lynne Spears says, “We were so in awe: ‘Oh my gosh, Rolling Stone.’ I thought this was really a big deal… She’s just coming on the scene, so we didn’t really know what we were doing. We were kind of in shock about what was going on and in awe at the same time. And then it was a two day shoot, and thank God (Spears’ manager) Larry Rudolph came along when he came did and said, ‘Stop, that’s enough, we’re not going to have any more.’

“We didn’t have any choice as to what was printed or what pictures were chosen.”



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