Gervais Plans To Quit Acting

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS plans to quit acting to focus on writing and directing – because he is “not a great” thespian.

The funnyman starred in British sitcoms The Office and Extras, and recently landed a lead role in new movie Ghost Town.

But the star insists he won’t be an actor forever – because he doesn’t think he is very good at it.

He says, “I’m not going to make a career of it (acting), certainly not. Being one of the leads is very nice and flattering. But I’m not pursuing it.

“I’ve never wanted to be an actor. I’ve never thought of myself as one. Let’s face it, I’m not a great actor, but I have fun doing it. I’m still going to write, direct.”



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  1. Kristen wrote: That sucks. He’s hilarious. Come on, Hot Fuzz. Great movie. Haha. I’m glad he’s still going to be involved with movies atleast though!