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Hathaway ‘Embraces’ Pale Skin

Hathaway ‘Embraces’ Pale Skin


Hollywood actress ANNE HATHAWAY has learned to “embrace” her pale skin after a fake tanning session left her looking like she had leprosy.

The Get Smart star confesses that she once attempted to give her skin a golden glow – but that was her first and last experience with the beauty treatment.

She says, “I did try it once and it looked good. But I’m so pale that when it started to fade it looked like I had leprosy. Now I just embrace the pale look.”



  1. Kristen wrote: Good for her! I do too. I have pale skin, and my whole school is hispanic, so it’s funny. They are like, “Kristen, you’re so white!” Haha. I’m like, “Yes, yes I am :)”


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