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Johansson Gets Patriotic For Magazine Voting Push

Johansson Gets Patriotic For Magazine Voting Push


Newlywed SCARLETT JOHANSSON is showing off her patriotism on the cover of the
new U.S. Cosmo Girl – by posing in a pair of stars and stripes short

The sexy actress agreed to appear on the cover of the upcoming November (08)
issue of the publication if she could use her accompanying interview to urge
young people to vote for a new U.S. President.

The staunch Barack Obama supporter tells Cosmo Girl she first became
interested in politics in her mid-teens, during the Al Gore versus George W.
Bush election recount in 2000.

She says, “It became apparent to me, ‘Oh, this really does affect my life.’
Four years later, during the Bush-Kerry election, I knew I had to be
politically active because I was so affected by the war in Iraq.

“I, like many Americans, have known someone killed in Iraq and know people
who are grieving the loss of a loved one or have a loved one stationed

“I wanted some change and I knew that I had to be vocal. That was the first
time I was legally able to vote.”

Johansson goes on to urge young voters to “educate” themselves about the
candidates and “make a decision for yourself.”

She adds, “I think your political affiliation is the first big decision that
you make when you’re young.”



  1. Taminar wrote: I think it’s great that young celebrities are encouraging their fans to get involved in the political process. I hope the young voters are informed. There are a lot of websites that have side-by-side non-partisan comparisons of the candidates — just google “McCain Obama Compare” and you can see how they stand on the different issues.


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