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Jackson Backs Obama For President

Jackson Backs Obama For President

Actor JOSHUA JACKSON has thrown his weight behind Barack Obama in the
U.S. presidential election – because he insists the world is fed up with
current leader George W. Bush.

The former Dawson’s Creek star believes the Democratic candidate is the
man to lead America following Bush’s eight-year reign.

And he is convinced the rest of the world would also prefer Obama to
in the November (08) poll.

Jackson tells British magazine Heat, “I think that Barack Obama is the
that we want to be presenting to the world, to say, ‘Our bad. We got a
off the rails there for a couple of years. We’re sorry, but we’re fixing it



  1. Ron J wrote: These “nobody” celebs need to stick to their make believe world of acting and let the rest of us deal with the real world. Josh…. nobody cares what you think. Dont believe what your agent tells you.

  2. Kay Parrish wrote: Oh goody, we can all rest a little easier now that we know that.

    Excuse me, while I go figure out who the hell this person is anyway.

  3. Rob wrote: Erm… somebody obviously asked him the question, so obviously somebody cares. It’s not like he just went up to a tv station and asked to put his views on air. And anyhow, why should he refrain from sharing his views? You care enough to denounce it; hypocrites.

  4. K. Fed & Tupac are the best two rappers wrote: I saw this headline and thought, “The Rev. Jesse? Representative Sheila?” Well, I’m glad to see Pacy is keeping up with world events. I still wish Dawson had wound up with Joey though. Oh well, Obama 08′ and go Ducks!

  5. Tom M wrote: what have celebs ever accomplished, but to undermine conservatives attempt to correct the real problems created by crooked demo’s like Barney F

  6. NC wrote: I’ll tell you what we are fed up with, celebrities thinking they matter any more than the average Joe on the street. …thinking they know more about what is best for the country than we do. From Oprah to this basically unknown, Joshua Jackson; they all think they speak for the rest of us. News flash – they don’t! Their best course of action is to keep their ideas to themselves; vote like every other voting age legal citizen should and then live with it. That’s right; keep their snide, self-centered, un-American comments to themselves if their candidate doesn’t win. We’re fed up with their comments as well. Like it or not, McCain or Obama will be the next president and they will be the president for all Americans regardless of who you actually vote for.

  7. Hey, NC wrote: “they all think they speak for the rest of us. News flash – they don’t!”

    And neither do you, so what’s your point?

  8. Kent wrote: Jackson needs to think a little harder,
    the rails he talks about getting back on are heading directly for a brick wall…
    Were in trouble no matter who gets elected…but my vote will not be for Obama – his highly liberal views will take the US further down the “path of no return” When as a country we agree to murder children in the womb and take a socialistic stance on education and health care and choose NOT to “take care of our own” no good can come from this. The people of the US need to remember Sept. 11th 2001 ..when they mark their ballots… who has fought for America… and who’s countrymen have Fought against America…It is time for American’s to be Patriots and remember the values upon which America was built – failure to remember these values as written in the constitution will only lead to further calamity and degredation for America – no matter who we elect this Nov. if the elected president strays from these values we will fall further into the mire we have already created – we the people need a leader – not another Polititian…

  9. kb wrote: Clinton Years Higher Taxes more Prosperity
    Bush Years Lower Taxes Economic melt down.
    Republicans are two for two.
    1921-1929 Republican presidents prior to stock market crash.
    2000-2008 Republican President prior to Meltdown.
    The Republican party must be held responsible for the
    Damage that they have done to our country.

    Keep ignoring the middle class and the working poor.

    middle class whiner

  10. hardcore wrote: Problem with Americans is because they never go out of their great America and see for themselves what their President has created for them in terms of security. The world does not want somebody of Bush’s calibre and unfortunately for McCain,he happens to be the same thing with Bush in all respect.Americans who go out of America have a different opinion of how you should vote because they know the real world and understand the frustrations of many nations as to how America relate with them. Your foreign policy stinks and it is the small nations and their economies that suffer and not America. So remember that your American values are not as important as our lives which are shattered by your foreign policy of appropriation. Choose a leader with brains and not somebody who is conservative and will stick to your American values even when your country perishes because of administrative malpractices and because you want to be “Big Brother”. The world is tired and to be honest with you guys you are slowly loosing your position in the world or should i say you have already lost it. China and Russia are overtaking you because of your lost values.
    Get real and listen to advises, Obama may be black but he is smarter than McCain in many respects. The wars he fought will never bring anything good to your country,it is all gone. The prison life will not help him think anyway,so why should his military record count anyway? Brains,brains,brains count and not military uniform.

  11. NO, Nick Carter and the Notorious B.I.G. wrote: All you people are dopes. Joshua Jackson gave the most profound performance of the last ten years in that movies about the mannequins that kill people. Listen, he’s Hollywood (well, at least the valley) an that means he knows more than any of us about what’s best for America. You guys criticize him, but how many made-for-TV movies have YOU jackholes been in? So shut your pieholes, because I’m voting for whoever this dreamboat tells me to.

  12. Bob wrote: Hey, stop railing against this guy. Everybody, including actors, have a right to an opinion. Just because the press picks up on it, is no reason to slam him. Now, people who base their votes on some actors opinion…those people I have a problem with!


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