Kevin Federline Is Set To Tour With Britney Spears

BRITNEY SPEARS’ ex-husband is planning a U.S. tour to accompany the pop star’s upcoming dates – so the couple’s sons can spend time with their mum on the road.

Federline was granted full custody of the boys last year (08) after his pop star ex suffered a series of much-publicized breakdowns and medical dramas.

But the dancer/rapper’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan has revealed his client is not averse to planning a schedule around his ex’s upcoming concerts, which kick off at the beginning of March (09), so Spears can hang-out with her sons in between shows.

Kaplan tells E! News that Spears will probably see her boys on “pretty much the same schedule that she has now” under the terms of the new agreement.

He adds, “Kevin is working to make them accessible by going on various central locations in various areas of the country. He is doing that because he wants her to be able to have the maximum positive environment around her to assure that the tour will be successful.”

Kaplan also confirms Federline is dating former professional volleyball player Victoria Prince, adding, “She is a very solid person, and they are really great together.”

The full details of the new custody arrangement are expected to be firmed up by the end of the week (06Feb09).


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