Robert Downey Jr. Dismisses Tropic Thunder Sequel

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is hoping movie bosses decide against producing a sequel to his 2008 hit TROPIC THUNDER – because he fears a follow-up “wouldn’t be as good”.

The Iron Man star plays the controversial role of Kirk Lazarus in the film – an Australian method actor who undergoes an operation to darken his skin in order to play an African-American character.

The performance has earned Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination at the 22 February (09) ceremony, where he will compete in the Best Supporting Actor category.

But despite the box office success and critical acclaim garnered by Tropic Thunder, Downey Jr. is not keen to return to the project.

He says, “I have a feeling that we’d still make some money but it probably wouldn’t be as good. (But) I’d like to work with Ben (Stiller) again.”


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  1. I think he’s right. Unless the movie is a blockbuster, which Tropic Thunder wasn’t, a sequel wouldn’t be as good and as popular as the first movie.