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Etta James Disses Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance

Etta James Disses Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance


The 71-year-old pioneer, who rose to fame in 1950s, recently made it clear that she was not a fan of the self-proclaimed diva whose third solo album “I Am…Sasha Fierce” is the #3 album in the country.

Before performing “At Last” at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre last Wednesday, James complained about Beyonce singing the song for President Obama and wife Michelle’s first dance at the Neighborhood Ball.

“You know that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she’s going to get her a– whipped,” Etta said to a thunderous applause. She went on to add that she could not “stand” Beyonce.

Some dismiss James’ anger as jealously, saying that she is only upset because she was not invited to perform the song herself.

Since Etta is not credited as a songwriter for “At Last,” she technically does not have the authority to approve who sings the song. The appropriate clearances were already in place for Beyonce to perform the song.

Ironically, the day following Beyonce’s January 20 performance, James’ son Donto James was quoted in the New York Daily News saying that his mother loved the rendition. “She thought it was great,” Donto said. “She’s gotten emotional, just like everybody else.”

A representative for Beyonce said that the singer does not have a statement or comment at this time.

Whose side are you on? Please comment.


  1. I stand besides Beyonce. I don’t think she’s guilty of anything. It was Obama’s staff that requested this song and her to sing it and it was Beyonce’s staff who accepted the offer.
    I agree that since it’s a song made famous by Etta James she should have performed it at the Inauguration, but when you express publicly that you don’t like Obama, don’t expect an invitation.


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