Kristin Scott Thomas Criticizes Kate Winslets Gloden Globe Win

KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS was baffled when KATE WINSLET won a Golden Globe for THE READER – because her part was too big to be recognized as a supporting role.

Scott Thomas has criticized the decision to honor the Titanic star with the award for Best Supporting Actress, insisting the gong should have gone to one of the other nominees.

She says, “I didn’t get Kate Winslet as supporting actress at all. I thought the whole thing was rather odd really – it seemed to be incredibly unfair to the other actresses because (Winslet’s part) just wasn’t a supporting role.

“I don’t really think they should have allowed it.”

Scott Thomas is pitted against Winslet at the BAFTA Awards in the U.K. on Sunday (08Feb09) – where both stars are nominated for Best Actress prizes.


  1. It is a game the studios play when they don’t want to have two actresses going up against each other. They put one up for Leading Actress and the other up for Supporting Actress. I haven’t seen the film, but I did have the impression that Kate Winslet had a leading role. Perhaps there should be rules based on the percentage of time the actor/actress is on screen. If the movie is 100 minutes long and you’re on screen for 75 minutes, then you’re in 75% of the movie, and that’s a leading role.

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