Heidi and Spencer: Marriage or Divorce

Will they or won’t they? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt continue to dodge the latest wedding rumors, but if they had tied the knot any sooner Montag doubts it would have lasted.

“I’d be getting divorced right now if I were married [to Spencer],” she told TVGuide.com.

Yet, their third try might be a charm. The couple, who broke off a previous engagement in December 2007 and faked a Mexico elopement nearly a year later, is now ready to tie the knot for the season finale of MTV’s The Hills (Mondays, 9 pm/ET), according to E! But before any of that happens: “I would need a ring and an apology,” Montag told TVGuide.

Despite keeping mum on marriage buzz, the pair was definitive about their Hills horizons, and what Season 6 might look like if Lauren Conrad departs.

“I hope to god that Lauren wakes up out of her bad dream and realizes that The Hills would not be the same without her, and there’s too many fans out there in the world that love her, and the show needs to go on,” Pratt said. In recent months, Conrad has hinted that her days as a full-time Hills resident may end at this season’s close.

“I know she’s burnt out,” he added, “but sometimes you’ve got make sacrifices for the good others. I think she’ll wake up.”


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