Dakota Fanning Hits Clubs With Kristen Stewart!

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were snapped at the Roxy on Sunset, and it looks like the young starlets were in no mood to be photographed. When 15-year-old Dakota exited the club, she saw the cameras outside and ran back inside, only to emerge a few minutes later from another door. Dakota ducked into Kristen’s mini cooper, and the two drove off – Kristen dropped Dakota off at her house, and then drove to her pad and called it a night. The “New Moon” co-stars are now working on a biopic about the teen rock group “The Runaways.” Think this was just research for the movie?


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  1. A 15 yr. old and a 19 yr. old out clubbing – do they not realize that they are role models – young kids don’t need to see this – it is just as bad as Kristin Stewart smoking, lets give today’s youth more bad ideas.

  2. it probably was just a meeting..
    i mean it would be a bad place but give them the benefit of the doubt… Dakota is only 15!

  3. The first people young kids need to look up to are their parents and/or family members… not celebrities they have never met or only know of from edited media.