Hollywood Writers Strike Comes To An End

The Hollywood writers strike which has been crippling the U.S. entertainment industry since last year (07) is finally coming to an end.

A deal has been reached between the major media companies and the Writer’s Guild of America – whose members have been staging walkouts since November 2007 in an ongoing dispute over royalties.

Although details of the agreement have yet to be released, it is thought writers will receive a larger share of royalties received through Internet broadcasts of their work.

But the deal will still have to be approved by the Guild’s board and then ratified by the union’s 10,500 members before the strikes can officially come to an end.

Speaking on U.S. TV channel CNBC former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner revealed the agreement was reached last Friday (01Feb08) and he is sure the writers won’t turn it down.

He says, “It’s over. They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal.

“I have some friends in certain places and I believe there was a handshake last Friday… it’s possible they (the writers) will turn it down but it would be insane if they turned it down.”

Negotiations to end the walkouts were stepped up ahead of this month’s
(Feb08) Oscars ceremony as fears grew the event would be canceled if the union refused to grant organizers a waiver.

Last month’s (Jan08) Golden Globes, which usually takes the form of a glittering star-studded ceremony, was reduced to a televised press conference after the union announced plans to protest at the event, forcing the majority of attendees to vow not to cross the picket line. But if the deal is finalised it would give Oscar organizers the green light to go ahead with the star-studded ceremony as usual.



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