Top 10 Reasons Why Women Love Vampires

Vampires are loners: The average guy runs with a pack; a group of close drinking buddies who come over to watch the game, hit the links on the weekends and get into trouble together. This clan takes up quality time and attention that is usually reserved for a girlfriend. Vampires work alone. They don’t have many friends, and if they do, they are usually out doing their own thing. Women love vampires because they have all the time in the world. Literally.

What the single guy could learn: Don’t hang out with your friends so much. Make time for her and occasionally bag plans with the boys. The guys, the game, the golf, and the beers will always be there. Show her you are your own man.

Vampires search forever to find “her”: Woman love to think they were destined to be with one man for the rest of their lives. They love the romantic angle of a soul mate — two people destined to meet, fall in love and be together forever. Now imagine that man is just as eager to find her and has been searching for untold centuries. It knocks a woman off her feet like a silver bullet through the heart. When a vampire sinks his teeth (figuratively) into a woman, he makes her feel like the only woman in the world. It’s no wonder women fall hard — then again, it could also be the blood loss.

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  1. I think its sexy !! And now that we have Twilight i mean all the male characters are sexy.. so thats why women love vampires now.